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Elsevier Credits Genea Biocells

Elsevier Credits Genea Biocells

Genea Biocells VP of Business Development Dr Jamshid Arjomand was recently interviewed by Elsevier regarding the “Lab Resource: Stem Cell line” pilot program officially launched at ISSCR, June 2015 and a part of Elsevier’s Research Elements program .

Our scientists at Genea Biocells have derived over 150 distinct human embryonic stem cell lines encompassing more than 30 different genetic disorders. With the exception of a few specific lines used collaboratively for disease modeling, the research community is by and large unaware of the existence of our cell bank. Having registered many of our lines with various regulatory agencies, we are continuously surprised that researchers don’t necessarily search these databases for stem cell lines, but primarily rely on standard literature search engines to identify reagents of interest. In addition, many of the quality control specifications we use to validate our cell bank don’t get captured in these databases, making the search process even more arduous. We were delighted to learn that Elsevier had developed a specialized forum to help disseminate these resources to the research community.”

More information visit Elsevier website.

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