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Nanostring’s nCounter SPRINT Molecular Profiler

Nanostring’s nCounter SPRINT Molecular Profiler

Our growing suite of phenotyping technologies at Genea Biocells has been recently expanded by addition of an nCounter SPRINT Profiler from NanoString Technologies. After 15 minutes of hands-on time we can analyze up to 800 multiplexed targets simultaneously, thereby streamlining our experiments and providing a wealth of data for our therapeutics discovery programs. The machine employs a molecular counting technology wherein individual molecules of DNA, RNA, or protein are hybridized to barcoded probesets and directly imaged for quantification of targets without any need for signal amplification.

Use of custom, disease-specific and pathway-specific gene panels has allowed us to confirm previously described pathologic players and discover entirely novel therapeutic targets for muscle diseases. This wide-reaching and sensitive assay, when paired with our expansive diseased stem cell bank and high-throughput myogenic cell screening capabilities, provides fast and immensely powerful answers to some of drug development’s most difficult and time-consuming questions.

Additionally, the technology can characterize and probe the broad transcriptional programs underlying in vitro human myogenic development in a variety of healthy genomic contexts. We hope to use this data to better understand fundamental and unresolved questions of myogenesis, including those related to successful muscle stem cell culture and engraftment.

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