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ProteinSimple’s WES

This year, Genea Biocells has integrated ProteinSimple’s Simple Western platform into our expanding array of phenotyping technologies. The gel-free, blot-free, hands-free Wes instrument utilizes matrix-filled capillaries to identify and quantify proteins within our stem cell-derived myogenic cells using only 3 microliters of protein lysate per sample. Traditional western blot technology, which was first described in 1979, can take up to several days of hands-on work involving protein separation by gel electrophoresis, transfer to a membrane, antibody incubations, and protein detection with chemiluminescence and x-ray film. Using ProteinSimple’s Wes system, quantitative results can be generated with just 30 minutes of assay preparation and three hours of automated protein separation, detection, and quantification.


At Genea Biocells, we are utilizing the Wes to generate and validate data for our therapeutics discovery programs. This technology, in conjunction with our high-content imaging platform, can be used to probe and quantify important biological targets and myogenic proteins, including more cumbersome high molecular weight skeletal muscle-proteins like dystrophin, utrophin, and myosin heavy chain. ProteinSimple’s Wes immunoassays, along with our existing suite of cutting-edge phenotyping technologies, will facilitate more complete characterization of skeletal muscle and further our mission to accelerate the development of therapies for patients with neuromuscular diseases.

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