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New Operations Manager

Charles Martin

New Operations Manager

Charles Martin joined Genea Biocells in November of 2015 as an automation scientist before expanding his role to Operations Manager. Charles began his scientific career by earning a degree in Agriculture. After 6 years in industry he began studies at the College of Charleston where, in 2002, he received Bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry.


He subsequently joined the Lab of Fabio Cominelli at the University of Virginia where he worked on Crohn’s Disease, specifically the role of TH1 subset of CD4+ T-cells. He then moved into industry where in 2004 he joined Upstate Biotechnology working on exogenous, small RNA-mediated gene regulation. In 2008 he was recruited by Stemgent Inc. to help develop an RNA-based, footprint-free reprogramming platform before moving up to Director of Business Development in 2013. He then spent 2 years managing Clinical Trials for ALK-positive, non-small cell lung cancer at Genoptix Biopharma before finding his current home at Genea.


Currently, Charles’ key responsibilities include management and integration of Genea Biocells’  automation and media production platforms that support our drug discovery pipeline.

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