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As Genea Biocells is establishing itself in the San Diego biotech community, we are actively taking steps to differentiate  ourselves from our parent company, Genea Fertility, located in Australia.  As part of this process, we have redesigned our logo and tagline to better reflect our focus on treating neuromuscular disorders.

Established in 2013, Genea Biocells emerged as an independent business unit from the  Genea family of businesses that also includes Genea Fertility, Genea Biomedx and Genea Consult.  Previously, these groups started as R&D projects within the Fertility business (formerly called Sydney IVF), a leading IVF clinic established in 1985 in Sydney, Australia.  Aptly, the original company logo depicts a baby bump to reflect the company’s mission for providing world leading fertility services to their clients.

In 2015, Genea Biocells moved its operations from Sydney, Australia to San Diego, California and began to distinguish itself in the field of neuromuscular research using its extensive bank of NIH-approved human embryonic stem cell lines and proprietary skeletal muscle differentiation methods.  As we continue to advance our drug discovery efforts to develop therapeutics for patients affected with debilitating skeletal muscle diseases, we redesigned our logo to reflect our core mission towards the patient community.

Our new logo is an artistic rendition of fusing myotubes and serves to highlight our passion and focus for the advancement and treatment of skeletal muscle disorders.  Our name continues to pay homage to the family of businesses from which we emerged and from whom we inherited our core values. Lastly, our tagline of “Strength in Discovery” reflects our use of cutting-edge technologies and science as well as ongoing interactions with patients, patient advocacy groups, collaborators and disease foundations who bring their expertise and drive to help accelerate our path to new therapies.  At Genea Biocells, we are committed to accelerating the development of therapies for neuromuscular diseases and to make a positive impact in the lives of patients and their families.

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