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Company History

Genea Biocells is an integral part of the virtuous circle created by the wider Genea Group. Since its inception as Sydney IVF more than 30 years ago, the Genea Group has forged a reputation as a pioneer of fertility treatment, insightful research and world leading science.

While the company began with a focus on helping Sydneysiders to conceive a much wanted child, these days it is an international organization spanning fertility treatment, fertility technologies and stem cell research. Each element of the Genea Group plays an essential and interwoven role in ensuring success across all of these specialties.

Established in 2013, Genea Biocells grew from the Genea Group’s strong research culture that was created and inspired by founder Professor Robert Jansen. Each year, approximately 10 per cent of the Genea Group’s revenue was reinvested in research and development. One of the outcomes of that research activity is disease-specific pluripotent and differentiated human stem cells, developed and now used by Genea Biocells for neuromuscular disease-focused drug development and research.

The other elements of Genea’s virtuous circle are Genea Fertility, Genea Biomedx and Genea Consult.

Genea has been leading the way in fertility advances for over 30 years. Genea Fertility has developed world-class technology that’s used in over 60 countries and 600 clinics around the world, whilst having some of Australia’s leading IVF success rates.

Genea Biomedx transforms Genea Fertility’s immense wealth of expertise into practical, accessible, precise technology that aims to significantly improve lab outcomes and ultimately patient outcomes.

The world leading instruments ideated and created by Genea Biomedx

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And finally, Genea Consult offers priority access to world-leading technologies and industry-leading minds to help clinics and labs across the world develop and grow.

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