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Company Profile

Who we are

Genea Biocells is a neuromuscular disease-focused discovery stage company using proprietary human pluripotent stem cell technologies. We also provide contract research services to pharma and supply reagents to strategic academic collaborators to expand our capabilities and further validate our technologies.

Why us

Genea Biocells has one of the world’s largest banks of pluripotent human embryonic stem cells and developed the world’s first consistent, scalable and high-yield differentiation process for functional skeletal muscle cells.

Our Laboratory

Genea Biocells is based in San Diego, California and is part of the Australian Genea group, a public, unlisted company that has been operating world leading IVF clinics since 1985. The company has been supplying commercial stem cell solutions for 10 years, drawing on an almost 30 year research heritage within Genea.