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Powering 3-D Muscle Models

Genea Biocells’ Media: Powering 3-D Muscle Models and Beyond.   Genea Biocells enabled muscle A recent publication1 details the in vitro fabrication of 3-D skeletal muscle from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC)...

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Skeletal Muscle Seminar Series SBP

Genea Biocells is co-sponsoring the "2018 SD Skeletal Muscle Seminar Series" with Sanford Burnham Prebys. The goal of these FREE monthly talks is to promote skeletal muscle research, enhance its...

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As Genea Biocells is establishing itself in the San Diego biotech community, we are actively taking steps to differentiate  ourselves from our parent company, Genea Fertility, located in Australia.  As...

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Genea Biocells partners with AMSBIO

Genea Biocells (San Diego, USA) has partnered with AMSBIO for global distribution to the academic community for its leading-edge skeletal muscle differentiation kits.   For more information please visit:  AMSBIO and Genea Biocells...

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Stem Cells Bring Hope for Dystrophies

Genea Biocells, a world leader in skeletal muscle differentiation also possesses one of the world’s largest and most varied private human embryonic stem cell banks–giving us the ability to recapitulate...

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