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IDMC 2017 San Fransisco

IDMC 2017 San Fransisco

The 11th meeting of the International Myotonic Dystrophy Consortium (IDMC-11), and the 2017 MDF Annual Conference will be held in San Francisco, CA, September 5-9, 2017. The IDMC global meeting, which occurs every two years, brings together leading academic researchers and industry drug developers in the most significant scientific forum that is held for myotonic dystrophy. It is an excellent opportunity to learn, collaborate and network to accelerate disease understanding and therapy development.

The 2017 MDF Annual Conference will overlap with the IDMC meeting, and there will be shared events and sessions to enable interactions and learning between the patient and professional communities. Watch the DM Research News and the MDF Dispatch for updates about logistics and the conference programs for IDMC-11 and the 2017 MDF Annual Conference.

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August 15, 2017