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Screening & Assay Development

We develop, adapt and optimize disease models to high-content phenotypic screening and design targeted compound libraries, perform drug screens and hit follow-up, analoguing, structure-activity studies, optimization and hit-to-lead advancement.

neurons stained for ChAT’
Biology Capabilities

Our scientists are experts in stem cell biology and neuromuscular disease research. We offer complete study design in close consultation with our customers.

Optimal cell line selection and differentiation process

Assay design, set-up, and validation

Target identification and validation

Compound characterization and mechanism of action studies

Robotics and liquid handling capabilities for efficient cell-based screening across a wide range of throughput.

Tecan Fluent linked to Cytomat incubator: fully automated simultaneous processing of up to 40x 96 or 384-well microtiter plates

ART Robbins Scorpion: the world’s fastest single channel liquid handler for compound dispensing, library cherry picking, preparation of combinatorial compound mixtures and individual microtiter plate processing

HP D300 Digital Dispenser: picoliter compound dispensing for dose response experiments, combinatorial mixtures, 2D gradients etc.

High-content imaging

GE Healthcare INCELL 6000: confocal, laser-based high-content analyzer for high-throughput imaging from general population overviews (4x objective) to high-magnification cell analysis (60x objective)

GE Heathcare Cytell: LED-based epifluorescence imager for rapid, simple tests and cell culture QC

GE Heathcare Developer Toolbox: powerful and flexible software package for automated image analysis, allowing analysis of marker expression, subcellular marker distribution or cell morphology, including myotube length, diameter and nuclei per myotube or neurite length and branching

Other cell analysis technologies

Proprietary myogenesis and muscular-dystrophy-focused custom NanoString™ gene panels for secondary screening

Molecular Devices SpectraMax i3x multimode plate reader: various assays based on absorbance, fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence, HTRF®, luminescence and Alphascreen/Alphaliza®

Axion Biosystems Muse: multi-electrode array system for electrophysiology studies

Incucyte Zoom: time-lapse video microscopy: time-lapse video microscopy

Agilent Seahorse™ assay platform for comprehensive live-cell metabolic analysis