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Skeletal Muscle Differentiation Media

Genea Biocells provides the world’s first commercially available media system to differentiate human pluripotent stem cells into functional skeletal muscle. It is based on our most efficient and robust technology platform <link to ‘Technology Platform’>’Skeletal muscle differentiation’>. The process does not require any cell sorting or overexpression of myogenic transcription factors (Caron et al. 2016. Stem Cells Translational Medicine 5: 1145–61). We, our collaborators and our customers successfully differentiated over 50 human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell lines. The third generation of our media suite is now available and offers further improved yields, robustness and enhanced myotube formation.

Simple 3-step process involves only media changes and cell passaging

No cell sorting steps required

No transfection of myogenic transcription factors

Achieves typically >50% MF20-positive myotubes

Tested on a wide range of human embryonic & induced pluripotent stem cell lines

Genea Biocells myogenesis protocol directs feeder-free, serum-free human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) through PAX3/7+ myogenic progenitor (satellite-like cells), MYOD+ myoblast, and MHC+ (Myosin Heavy Chain) skeletal muscle myotube stages.

hPSC are dissociated to single cells and plated in Myogenic Induction Medium. After approx. 10 days, cells are passaged and plated in Myoblasts medium. Once they reach confluence, after approx. 8 days, they are switched to Myotube Medium or Myotube Fusion Medium to generate myotubes.

Our standard Myotube Medium yields multi-nucleated, striated myotubes which are contractile and take up glucose in an insulin-dependent manner (cells were stained for MHC (red), myogenin (green) and nuclei (blue))

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250 ml Myogenic Induction Medium

250 ml Myoblast Medium

250 ml Myotube Medium

250 ml Myotube Fusion Medium

Researchers from not-for-profit organizations can order our skeletal muscle differentiation media from our distributors AMS Bio (global) and Funakoshi (Japan). Industry customers have to order directly from us – please contact us for trial kits and setting up a supply agreement. All sales are subject to our terms and conditions.

We offer free trial kits. Order here.

For more information visit:

Ams Bio (Global)

Funakoshi (Japan)

Our media suite now comprises Myotube Fusion Medium which can be optionally used to generate highly multi-nucleated, striated functional myotubes that resemble primary adult cells (cells were stained for MHC (red), myogenin (green) and nuclei (blue)