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Chemical Genomics

Chemical Genomics

Our team at Genea Biocells was one of the first to systematically use high-throughput screening to modulate pluripotency maintenance and differentiation of stem cells. We developed a monolayer culture method for human pluripotent stem cells in 2008 to enable efficient high-content imaging – our primary technology for drug screening, optimization of culture processes and aspects of quality control testing.

Our medicinal chemistry platform blends modern drug discovery and stem cell science concepts:

Stem Cell Biology

‘Traditional’ and new targets, pathways, cellular processes

Validated and emerging agents

Diverse activity, selectivity, etiology, & pharmacology

Characterization data for each compound

Evolving, evidence-based approach

Medical Chemistry Optimization

Drug-like compounds

Favorable solubility, cellular permeability, stability, & safety profile

Entry to optimization and internal discovery

Hit follow-up, structure-activity relationship studies, de-risking, & reprofiling

IP considerations